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Cereal Meal
The cereal meal consists of ground cereal, including wheat, barley, maize, breakfast cereal and confectionery. We aim to provide farmers with a more competitive option for feeding their animals. This ration provides a protein of around 13 – 15% and is an excellent all-round, high energy feed.

As with all our rations, this feed is not mineralised and is therefore suitable for feeding cattle or sheep. The cereal meal product is suitable to be fed on its own or for home blenders. who have access to other feed materials, and we recommend that the cereal meal be fed from 3 months upward when the rumen is more developed and full advantage can be taken.
It can be introduced on an ad lib basis; however, it can also be fed to younger stock, such as at suckling. Care must be taken, as with all high energy feeds, and animals must be introduced on to it slowly. As with all complimentary feeds, good quality, consistent forage should be made available to all animals along with clean water.

We can provide this ration in bulk and it is available for nationwide delivery in larger loads (minimum 20 tonne loads delivered) or any amount collected in bulk. It is only suitable to be tipped as per your requirements. If you are looking for a quality cereal meal at a competitive price, contact the Midland Feeds team today for nationwide delivery.


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